Recycling Update

-We have stopped recycling plastic-

Due to the disruption in the global market for recyclables, we are co-operating with Lane County Waste Management and International Paper (our recycling processor) in removing plastic recycling from our co-mingle stream. The Chinese Government recently decided to stop taking mixed recyclables because of the poor quality and contamination in recyclable material shipped to them from the U.S.  China has been the major purchaser of co-mingle recycling from the West Coast for years.  As of Nov 1st of 2017, we have ceased picking up any plastics in your co-mingle recycling.  Please put all plastics material in the garbage.

Buck & I are Master Recyclers, it is very hard for us to throw away plastics. We feel this is a great opportunity and a necessity to review our curbside recycling and improve the quality of what is placed in the recycle box. We are reminded that this is a market and the market needs to adjust. As others along the West Coast face these same challenges, we are confident that solutions will be found. We are committed to updating you as we hear updates.

Please keep checking back here for updates.

Thank you,

Janet & Buck Pelroy – Ecosystems Transfer and Recycling